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A Delegation Led by Former Korea Prime Minister Lee Soo Sung Visited Xiehe Group

2011-05-16 12:33:52


Executive director Yue Deyuan introduced the overall
development conditions of Xiehe group to Lee Soo Sung

On the afternoon of the May 13th, Lee Soo Sung, the former Korea Prime Minister and consultant of Korea China Exchange Association (KCEA) visited Xiehe Group Co., Ltd. accompanied by You Joonryeol, president of Tong Yang Securities Inc. and Yong-Deok Kim, chairman of KCEA. Xiehe Group’s chairman Mr. Chen Juyu extended a warm welcome to the goodwill mission from KCEA, and hoped the economic and trade cooperation relation with Korea will develop further through this visit by the delegation. Yue Deyuan, executive director of Xiehe Group, attended the meeting and held an in-depth communication with the delegates.

Chairman Chen Juyu introduced the achievements scored
by Xiehe Group in recent years to Premier Lee

Chairman Chen Juyu and Executive director Yue Deyuan took
a memorable group photo with Lee Soo Sung, former Korea Prime 
Minister, consultant of KCEA, You Joonryeol, President of Tong Yang
Securities Inc. and Yong-Deok Kim, Chairman of KCEA

Lee Soo Sung spoke highly of the tremendous achievements made by Xiehe Group and showed admiration and respect for the group’s advanced science and technology and the charitable activities launched by Chairman Chen Juyu. He hoped the two parties could further enhance communication and cooperation so as to realize mutual benefit and win-win results. After the meeting, Chairman Chen Juyu presented to Lee Soo Sung Superantigen products, the fruits of space breeding by Shenzhou VII spacecraft.

Chen Juyu, Chairman of Xiehe Group, presented to Lee 
Soo Sung healthcare products made in Xiehe Group

With the acceleration of Xiehe Group’s internationalization, Xiehe Group and its Superantigen products will also go into overseas markets, bringing China’s high-tech products of independent intellectual property rights to the world.