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Donated to AIDS patients

2008-12-03 10:52:20

    In the afternoon of Nov.22, in Liaoning Mansion, there hold a big donation ceremony, Shanghai Yanbaohang Public Foundation and Shenyang Xiehe Group donated the superantigen products that valued RMB 2 Million to the AIDS patients in Liaoning Area, the leader of Liaoning Center for Disease Control and Prevention represented the AIDS patients accepted the products. The daughter of Mr. Yan Baohang, chairman of Shanghai Yanbaohang Public Foundation, Ms Yan Guangming came back to her hometown Shenyang, she and Xiehe Group provided relief to Liaoning AIDS patients, this not only developed the Spirit of Mr. Yan Baohang “treat people sincere, help people happy”, but also made a contribution to the society, let more people pay close attention to the AIDS patients, formed good atmosphere of social public.

      Shanghai Yanbaohang Public Foundation is a non-public funding foundation that established by Mr. Yanbaohang’s good friends General Zhang Xueliang, Mr. Ning En’cheng and Mr. Yan’s sons and daughters, it had 17 years’ history.