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Anticancer theory “quaternity”

2019-03-10 14:56:15

Prevent metastasis: Superantigen can activate NK cell in a large amount.  NK cell release perforation albumen and cytolysin, perforate on the tumor cell membrane, and make the liquid in the tumor cell outflow and die, then its quantities increase, it can prevent tumor cell metastasis effectively.


Strong dissolving: After T cell is activated in a large amount by superantigen, CD4+, CD8T cell are led to produce cell toxicant, its peculiar fusion protein has extremely strong affinity to the tumor cell, can make the tumor cell dissolve rapidly .


Accelerate apoptosis: It can produce a lot of interleukin (IL), interferon (IFN), tumor cell necrosis factor after activate T cells are activated in a large amount. They can cause the tumor organization to bleed, necrosis, apoptosis, at the same time cell's factor stimulates T cell's hyperplasia again, thus produce more cell factors, thus form a enlarged endogenous biological effect of circulation, can accelerate tumor cell apoptosis.


Clearing residual: It can produce interleukin after T cell is activated by a large amount and can induce and activate LAK cell, also called lymph factor killer cell.  After it is activated by huge quantity, it can remove cancer cell, such as residual tumor cell after operation, radio and chemotherapy, praised as scavenger of the antitumor army.