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What is Protein?

2019-03-10 14:55:24

Protein is a kind of important nutriment, its existance has close relationship with all kinds of life activities, the categories of protein are various, different protein from source of food have different using and degree when they are digested, absorbed by human body, that means the nutritive value of different protein has different function, but the main and most valuable factors in protein are categories and contents of essential amino acid.

Amino acid score (ASS) is a standard in common use for measuring and scoring the categories and contents of essential amino acid in protein. The essential amino acid of animal protein has a great varieties, reasonable proportion,so its function and nutritive value are higher than vegetable protein.  Its ASS is between 0.9 and 1.0. Vegetable protein is only between 0.3 and 0.5. Protein Capsule and Protein Tablet Series are produced by Shenyang Xiehe Group and manufactured with animal protein as main materials, the special protein extract from animal cell that make the products have significant function in supporting body immunity, repairing injuried cell wall and other aspects, it is benefit to your health for long-time taking.