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Achievements of Academician projects will settle down in Shenzhen

2019-03-11 09:57:52

   Achievements of Academician projects will settle down in Shenzhen

On Mar.28, the promotion meeting of academician projects on superantigen gene engineering and targeted drug were held in Shenzhen, the academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr. Yang Shengli, Ms. Wang Hongyang and Mr. Liu Changxiao attended and gave reports on their relative projects, vice-executive mayor of Shenzhen, Mr. Liu Yingli attended and gave an important speech.

    Two promotion projects are proposed by Xiehe Group, the academicians are responsible for technology, or participate and direct the projects directly. As self-innovation projects, they have not only possibility, but also the advantages of international bio medicine fields in top point.   

    Xiehe Group cooperates with Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, the academician Liu Changxiao are in charge of the project of anti-tumor drug on gene reconstructing superantigen, it goes well at present, and has got important stage achievements. Xiehe Group cooperates with Tumor Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, three academicians Yang Shengli, Gu Jianren and Wang Hongyang participate the inoculation single chain variable fragment with gene superantigen product of Xiehe Group, this will develop new research path of bio missile, its products will apply for the treatment of liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and prostatic cancer at the first.

    This promotion meeting is sponsored by Shenzhen Academician Activity Base of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Administration Service Center of Shenzhen Virtual University Park, over 70 people includes investment agency both at home and abroad, experts and professors attend this meeting. The president of Xiehe Group says the achievements of academician projects will settle down in Shenzhen.