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Delegation Led by China Xiehe Group’s Chairman Chen Juyu Visited Indonesia Sin Chew Daily

2011-05-16 12:30:59


The delegation also included Xu Fangquan, Sun Sufen and Zhaoxin, who are the senoir consultants of China Xiehe Group.

(May 11, Djakarta Indonesia ) China Xiehe Group’s Chairman Chen Juyu led a delegation of four people visiting the Indonesia Sin Chew Daily at 10am on Tuesday May 10th. They were received by CEO Zhou Weiliang and senior consultant Zheng Yuanqi. The delegation exchanged views on issues such as medical treatment and supplement and medical products in Indonesia.

 Mr. Chen Juyu hoped to convey through the newspaper the Group’s intention of seeking partners in sales etc., introducing the group’s high-tech nano-products into the Indonesia community in order to benefit more people.

He stressed that cancer could be curable and encouraged patients to adopt combined therapy instead of monotherapy.

“Western countries have proved that antibiotics would exacerbate cancer cells.”

Meanwhile, he also introduced that the group’s products are mainly manufactured in America and they are greatly effective in improving immunity, especially noticeable in cancers, AIDS, leukemia and other diseases. In addition, through our newspaper, he also expressed the group’s intention of launching philanthropic activities in Malaysia, i.e. helping dozens of leukemia children patients by offering free medical service. And he also pointed out that the group had successfully cured many leukemia children patients in China.

At the meeting, Zhou Weiliang introduced the development the newspaperand Zheng Yuanqi introduced the development of government and private medicine and medical systems in Indonesia. They both hoped Xiehe Group could find suitable partners in Indonesia and promoted Xiehe products to Indonesia market in order to benefit more medium-and lower-income Indonesians.