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Responding to Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Leakage, Xiehe’s Superantigen Received Foreign Orders.

2011-03-18 12:16:51



Panic is spreading gradually to all over the world after the earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale took place in Japan a few days ago. Recently, Shenyang Xiehe Group Co., Ltd. received several big orders for Superantigen products from overseas countries including America and South Korea. In order to meet the great demand, all the workers in production department have been working overtime.

        According to news released by the meteorological department, nuclear radiation as influenced by Pacific monsoon will fly across the Pacific Ocean and reach America on March 21st. Meanwhile, countries neighboring Japan, such as South Korea and North Korea will also suffer from nuclear radiation soon. Radioactive substances from nuclear radiation have adverse effects on human health. They often kill human’s immunocytes through radiation, destroy immunity, resulting in the development of diseases, especially cancers, which is evidenced by the frightening consequences caused by the Chemobyl nuclear power plant leakage of the former Soviet Union.

        Our company’s Superantigen serial products can quickly activate human immnocytes at a speed of 2000-50000 times and improve immunity, playing the anti-radiation role through the dramatically activation and increase of immunocytes.

        In order to help the Japanese overcome disaster caused by the earthquake and nuclear radiation and to fully express the international humanitarian spirit, Shenyang Xiehe Group Co., Ltd. had entrusted Tokyo Xiehe Company in Japan to donate Superantigen products worth RMB 1 million yuan. Though the international orders are increasing, the private-owned Shenyang Xiehe Group Co., Ltd. will first guarantee the supply to domestic market and contribute to the health of Chinese citizens.