Xiehe Group obtained many achievements of world interests for the past 20 years, not only on the aspect of company ability, but also on the aspect of product advantage and establishment of management team, we think our conditions has matured.

一、tremendous strength, extensive foreground

    At present, the company has become key high and new tech enterprise of national class torch program that issued by State Ministry of Science and Technology, it owns 33 branches at home and abroad and a pharmaceutical plant with National GMP Certification.


    We have over ten patent technologies, one of them was estimated forty nine million and six hundred thousand Yuan, we also have seven bacteria straints in State Bacteria Serving Center. At the same time, we assumed the research work of national hundreds of TCM contrasts production, we have finished over eighty kinds till now. The strong ability provides solid foundation for development of Xiehe Group.

二、Monopoly technology, leading world

    Super antigen bio-preparation was researched and developed by Xiehe Group, which is only super antigen bio immune preparation in the world, Xiehe Group owns intellectual property entirely by itself ( patent No.: ZL91106067.7).

    The achievements in bio pharmaceutical field obtained international much attentions, winner of Nobel Prize, academician of America Academy of Science Mr. Morald Folorid visited Xiehe Group and gave a high appraisal to the research in the field of super antigen,

三、Root of science and technology, the best in talent

    Xiehe Group cooperated with Chinese Academy of Medical Science, American Louis Well University and Canadian Etermonter University and other famous top grade scientific institutes both at home and abroad. At the same time, Xiehe Group set up professional academician committee that made up of seven academicians and over fifty experts and scholars. 

    Famous expert of American Molecule Toxicology and Gene Treatment Research Center, Pro. Chen Jianmin and other scholars both at home and abroad established lab in the company, and other fifteen doctors and postdoctoral in bio medicine field also set up scientific research workstation here, we also invited Ph.D Xiang Yibin who is chairman of American Pharmaceutical Professional Association, Ph.D Li Gang who is vice president of American Nahua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd as our technical consultants. Hundreds of experts and scholars were organized by President Chen Juyu, they created more and more new scientific research results.

    To establish world’s top grade enterprise, we must have first class talents, Xiehe Group provides studying and exercising chances for every employee, storages all kinds of talents for sustained development.

四、Multinational management, global strategy

    Xiehe Group set up R&D Center in America, gathered a lot or famous experts and scholars in bio pharmaceutical field. Marketing network covered all over the world, the products have sold to Germany, Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Congo and other countries and areas, which were welcomed and approved by more consumers.

五、Government support, good reputation

    The party and national leaders at all levels pay close attention to the development course of Xiehe Group. Tieying Li, Muhua Chen, Guangying Wang, Jieping Wu, Xiulian Gu, Mengfu Huang, Shizhen Wen, Xingxiang  Zhang, Zhenggao Chen and other senior leaders came to visit Xiehe many times.

    The group enjoys high reputation and obtains AAA certification for 12 consecutive years for its sincere management.

    Since the establishment of Xiehe Group, it insists on the faith of “reciprocate the society, devote the love”, sow the love to the social cause of the public good and people in need of help.  It donates over RMB 50 million of goods and money over the past 18 years.

六、Famous brand, long history

    Through 20 years’ development, company’s brands “XIEHE”, “JUYU” have become famous brands, which were known by many consumers. This accumulated more effects for further development.

七、Advanced management, plan a strategy in the tent

    Board chairman Chen Juyu and other senior Xiehe people stroke in business for several ten years, they accumulated much managerial experience, under his leading, there gathered a batch of managerial talents, the company established perfect administrative system for over ten years’ development, this settled strong organization protection for Xiehe’s healthy development. No matter on management or regulations, Xiehe created more conditions for distributors.

八、Sophisticated equipment, fine quality

    To ensure products’ quality and leading position in the world, the company selected international top leading high  precision instruments and high automatic linkage equipments, most of them adopted imported products. Such as high speed freezing centrifuge, pipe high speed separating machine, digital screen electric heating thermostated dry container, digital screen separating water electric thermostated cultivation container, quick protein purification system, German Barau fermentation control system and other advanced equipments, the generally application of these ensured fine product quality. High tech hardware improved the products’ technology content, promoted the enterprise’s strong development.