• Shenyang Xiehe Group get a great achievement in bio-medical

    May 11th 2007, an academic forum named “Chinese Intellectual Property Right- Superantigen Scientific and Technological Achievements Signing Ceremony of International Cooperation Items” was hold in the

    2007-05-12 227

  • Achievements in Scientific Research on Superantigen by Xiehe

    To celebrate the tenth anniversary of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), the Secretariat of SCO, through strict examination and approval procedures, finally designated superantigen products manufactured by Xiehe Group as “healthy products specially supplied to heads of states of SCO”, which will be provided by Xi...

    2011-07-04 276

  • A Delegation Led by Former Korea Prime Minister Lee Soo Sung

    On the afternoon of the May 13th, Lee Soo Sung, the former Korea Prime Minister and consultant of Korea China Exchange Association (KCEA) visited Xiehe Group Co., Ltd. accompanied by You Joonryeol, president of Tong Yang Securities Inc. and Yong-Deok Kim, chairman of KCEA. Xiehe Group’s chairman Mr. Chen Juyu extended ...

    2011-05-16 257

  • Members from XHBio.Inc.in the U.S.A visited Mary Zoe Philips

    On Dec 21, 2010, Prof. Hu Zhining, Prof. Jin Jingyi and Prof. Caimingzhi from XHBio Inc. visited Mary Zoe Philips, the most famous medical woman in America, an authority in gynaecology and obstetrics, the founder of Medical Books for China International, the widow of Jordan M. Phillips praised as modern Bethune. The ...

    2011-01-05 316

  • Donated to AIDS patients

    In the afternoon of Nov.22, in Liaoning Mansion, there hold a big donation ceremony, Shanghai Yanbaohang Public Foundation and Shenyang Xiehe Group donated the superantigen products that valued RMB 2 Million to the AIDS patients in Liaoning Area, the leader of Liaoning Center for Disease Control and Prevention repres...

    2008-12-03 207

  • Xiehe uses space breeding to develop new drugs

    Xiehe uses space breeding to develop new drugs

    2008-10-09 192

  • Xiehe takes part in 3rd APEC E-Commerce Alliance Forum

    June 5, 2008, Shenyang Xiehe Group as the only one private enterprise of Northeast Area takes part in APEC E-Commerce Alliance Forum in Beijing. President Chen Juyu shows E-Commerce has outstanding resource advantages and service trait, it has important meaning for bio pharmaceutical industry to change the traditional...

    2019-03-11 198

  • Achievements of Academician projects will settle down in She

       On Mar.28, the promotion meeting of academician projects on superantigen gene engineering and targeted drug were held in Shenzhen, the academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr. Yang Shengli, Ms. Wang Hongyang and Mr. Liu Changxiao attended and gave reports on their relative projects, vice-executiv...

    2019-03-11 282

  • Signing ceremony

    In the morning of Feb.28, the signing ceremony and conference of cooperation program of Shenyang Xiehe Group with academicians on gene engineering was held grandly in the meeting room of 21st Century Mansion in Hunnan New Zone. This activity will promote Shenyang’s development of high-tech bio technology and R&D o...

    2008-03-13 310

  • What is Superantigen (SAg)?

    Superantigen is the strongest immune cell activator that has been already found in the world at present. It’s a kind of protein with complicated source. During the process of immune response, it can activate immune cells, such as T cell , NK cell, LAK cell at the speed of 2,000-50,000 times in pinpoint quantity (count...

    2018-12-20 263