Xiehe Group actively seeking capital, including the stock market to attract foreign investment, project financing and so on, a variety of ways for enterprises to win more funds to enterprises owned by all tangible and intangible assets into the stock can be activated value-added capital through flow of fission, the combination of optimal distribution of a variety of ways, such as operating effectively, in order to maximize the value-added, to create internationally competitive industrial holding company.

Now Xiehe Group innovate mechanisms, product business model has been operating capital to change carriers, the enterprise enhance their capability of independent innovation, and combine operations with the capital to achieve extraordinary development of the enterprise. If the operation goes well, we will take a crucial step in the overseas markets.

      Shenyang Xiehe Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Xiehe Bio) is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical enterprise, its stocks are from Shenyang Xiehe Group which holding the Shenyang Applied Ecology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liaoning Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and three other companies and natural shares, it was founded in 2000, and has been counseling through the period of counseling is to carry out operations capital and listing of the main operation of the company. Xiehe Bio operates the company's products, at the same time, in order to seek a faster development of the capital to accelerate the pace of the operation:

● actively attract foreign strategic investors, strengthen the cooperation with foreign joint venture enterprises; 

● expand domestic and foreign markets, access to the basic conditions for listing; 

● restructuring and the implementation of equity capital, complete listing. 

       Xiehe Group will co-operate through the capital to promote the restructuring of capital, the optimal distribution of resources, and enhance the profitability of the business and to achieve capital appreciation.