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What is Superantigen (SAg)?

2019-03-10 14:57:10


Superantigen is the strongest immune cell activator that has been already found in the world at present. It’s a kind of protein with complicated source. During the process of immune response, it can activate immune cells, such as T cell , NK cell, LAK cell  at the speed of 2,000-50,000 times in pinpoint quantity (count with ng ), and make it split hyperplasia in a large amount, produce interleukin, interferon, tumor cell necrosis and other cytokines at the same time, and concentrate on acting on the tumor cell, make it dissolve, wither and die quickly.


Xiehe Group’s research and application of superantigen is taking the leading position in the world, we developed the world’s first superantigen based anti-cancer bio-preparation ---- Xiehe Protein Oral Liquid, this is also the newest achievement of bio anti cancer in the world. The anticancer theory of its "quaternity” has already got the abundant verification in experiment and clinical experiment.